Thursday, December 31, 2009

MIniature embroidery

After I finished the big jousting tapestry my fingers still seemed a bit itchy, so I stitched up a small vertical piece designed to be hung between windows.

This Tudor pattern comes from Sandra Whitehead's book Celtic, medieval and Tudor wallhangings in 1/12 scale needlepoint.  I worked it over three and a half days, which made a pleasant change from working on something that took 2 and a half months :)  I changed a few colours and stitched it on 26 count linen with two strands of cotton floss.

Here's Whitehead's version:

It now has a home between the two windows on the main floor of the tower:


  1. Están preciosos los bordados, soy una gran aficionada al punto de cruz y petir point sobre todo en silk gauze.
    Un abrazo
    Y feliz año

  2. This is beautifully done and looks perfect in the place you have chosen for it.


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